Visitor Tips


In warmer weather climates, outdoor activities require a bit of precaution and preparation. In order to maintain a safe and pleasant experience for all members and visitors, we ask that the following rules be observed while visiting.

  • For your health and safety, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is a non-smoking area and no pets are permitted on the grounds.
  • Please enjoy your food and beverages outdoors and in the picnic area.
  • Use of sun screen, hats and bug spray is highly recommended.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and lightweight clothing.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You may bring your own beverage, or purchase onsite.
  • Please recycle and dispose of your trash properly.
  • Tours and electric boat cruises are dependent on weather, wind and tides and may be canceled for your safety. Children under age two are not permitted on boat rides.
  • Scheduled Nature Center tour participants are given first boarding priority for the boats. Passenger loads are limited. Advance boat ride reservations are available to Conservancy Club members at $250 level and above. 239.213.2500.
  • Plants and trees are living too. They are a source of education for visitors, and protection for the environment. Please refrain from removing leaves, limbs, plants or flowers, insects or wildlife from the Nature Center.
  • Loud noises distract and scare wildlife, so please avoid yelling and shouting. Quiet is required while visiting wildlife in the nursery at the von Arx Wildlife Hospital.
  • Running on nature and birding trails is unsafe and discouraged.
  • Nature trails, the Dalton Discovery Center and other areas are self-guided, except for pre-scheduled field trips.
  • No person shall be permitted within the Nature Center between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM or on Sundays at any time unless attendance is required for a special event.
  • All-day and overnight parking not allowed.
  • Please do not feed any wildlife you may encounter.

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