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You can help influence our decision makers to make the right choices to protect our unique natural environment and quality of life. Here are several ways you can take action and let your voice be heard:

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3. You can also read through several present and past Policy Action Alerts below for more detail on the issues.

Policy Action Alerts

Join us to oppose irresponsible growth legislation
Two environmentally damaging bill that pre-empts local land use authority are currently moving forward in Florida’s legislature. House Bill 703 (sponsored by Representative Patronis) / Senate Bill 1464 (sponsored by Senator Simpson) will promote irresponsible growth and development in Florida through the pre-emption of local land use authorities and lessening of environmental protections associated with such proposed development in Florida’s rural lands.
Contact your State Representative and Senators to tell them you oppose HB 703 / SB 1464


Injection well information


November 1
Protect water resources in Bonita Springs!
Tell city leaders that you support the protection of water resources in the Bonita Springs Density Reduction Groundwater Resource area!

The Bonita Springs DRGR is comprised of more than 4,900 acres located east of I-75 and north of Bonita Beach Road. 

Right now, the area is limited in its development; the city only allows one unit per 10 acres. This is because city wellfields are located in this area and they provide significant recharge to the aquifer. In addition, portions of the DRGR are flood-prone – especially during extreme weather events.

Consultants hired by the city have submitted the Barraco/Stuart Plan that would allow 6,300 new homes as well as commercial development in the northern portion of the DRGR.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida opposes this plan because it has not addressed issues concerning water quality, water recharge and stormwater management.
We’re asking you to write the Bonita Springs City Council and tell them you’d like them to vote no on the Barraco/Stuart Plan and to move forward with analysis of existing studies that address water quality, water recharge and flood protection.

October 1, 2013
Support the protection of Florida's conservation lands!
Under direction of proviso language from the Florida Legislature, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) is conducting a “land assessment” to determine whether any current conservation lands are no longer needed for conservation. 

Unfortunately, this very hurried land assessment has produced a potential surplus list which includes many critical environmentally sensitive lands which should not be sold for any reason.  For example, FDEP is considering 10 parcels located in Cayo Costa State Park in Lee County – a barrier island which is home to several endangered wildlife species, wetlands and beaches. See the 10 parcels here.

FDEP and the Governor need to know that these and other publically acquired conservation lands must be preserved for the benefit of all Floridians, now and forever.  FDEP is holding a public meeting in Fort Myers on October 3, 2013 to receive public input on the surplus lands list – please attend and let your voice be heard in opposition to selling conservation lands! The State Conservation Land Assessment Public Meeting will be held at the Joseph P. D'Alessandro Building, 2295 Victoria Ave Suite 364, Fort Myers, FL

You can also write to FDEP and the Governor’s office to express your opposition for the inappropriate surplus of state conservation lands. We've made it very easy to let them know you support Florida’s great legacy of land conservation to protect our environment, tourism based economy, and quality of life.

Click here for the full report.

April 23, 2013
Support Local Communities Being Able to Protect their Waters!
The state legislature is proposing to limit local governments’ ability to enact sensible fertilizer restrictions for preventing water pollution. Pushed by the fertilizer and lawn care industries, the "Raburn Amendment" to HB 999 would create a "Florida Fertilizer Regulatory Review Council" whose representation is biased towards industry, and whose directive is to favor "consistency" for regulating fertilizer pollution – threatening to pre-empt local governments from enacting fertilizer restrictions appropriate for their specific regional conditions.

Fertilizer restrictions have proven to be one of the cheapest and most effective means to protecting our waters from harmful algae outbreaks and fish kills. The state recently credited Lee County $13 million in clean-up costs for the Caloosahatchee River for having one. Hampering local governments from enacting fertilizer restrictions appropriate for their waters will result in millions of even billions of dollar of additional clean-up costs for local municipalities and taxpayers to bear.

Local governments should also always be able to enact more stringent regulations to protect their communities where they see fit. This amendment is undermining that "home rule" authority. Go here for full report.

April 2013
Don’t Let Special Interests Have Their Way!
The US EPA and Florida DEP have struck a deal to turn pollution regulation over to the Florida DEP — and special interests. We need to let them know Florida residents do not want this.

Sewage, fertilizer, and animal manure pollution cause big problems in Florida’s waters. Please send a message to your state senator and state representative urging them to oppose HB 7115 and SB 1808.

January 2013
Save the Western Everglades: Time is of the Essence!
On January 8th the Collier County Commissioners will consider a motion from Commissioner Tim Nance. His motion will ask the County to consider suspending its amendments to the rural land stewardship area (RLSA). Support Commissioner Nance’s motion "to delay the amendment package indefinitely." 

Details regarding the entire issue are available here.

January 2012
Senate Bill 604 will be voted on by the Senate’s Environmental Preservation and Conservation (EP&C) Committee on MONDAY, JANUARY 31st, 2012. Its companion, House Bill 421 will be voted on by the House’s State Affairs Committee in the very near future.

We need to make sure every decision maker understands how much these bills degrade our water quality. Email, write, or call each of the legislators on the committees even if you do not live in their District.

Please click here for more details, contact information and talking points.

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