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Our Approach

Protecting the quality of life in the region is very important to us.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has an outstanding team of individuals dedicated to conserving the environment. To achieve our mission, we employ a multidisciplinary approach.

Our staff biologists research the issues impacting our environment. Members of our environment policy team promote sound environmental policies based on the best available science.  Wildlife rehabilitation specialists care for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife, while our naturalists interpret the information through a variety of educational programs.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida uses the synergy of four teams to protect our water, land, and wildlife.

Environmental Science and Research

Scientists at the Conservancy have an active research agenda to promote the understanding and action necessary for healthy ecosystems. The work of the Environmental Science team includes ecological research, diagnostic and monitoring programs, restoration initiatives, professional partnerships, university programs and community outreach. Water monitoring, Western Everglades and Sea Turtle Protection are just some of the focus areas of the science team.

Environmental Policy and Advocacy

Ensuring that our region’s leaders have the tools to make informed decisions is a critical role of the Conservancy. The Environmental Policy team ensures the proper stewardship of Southwest Florida’s natural resources by actively taking on broad regional issues to make a difference, and collaborating with partners such as business, academic and government leaders. Growth management, water quality, habitat protection and water resources are a few of the areas of focus for the policy team.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

The Wildlife Rehabilitation team is continually working to protect and rehabilitate native wild animals and when possible, reintroduce them to their natural habitat. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is on-site at the Conservancy Nature Center campus.

Environmental Education

The Conservancy has a number of strategic approaches to reach our communities. The Environmental Education team provides environmental education programs for students and adults, award-winning summer camps and manages the Discovery Center, which provides numerous interactive learning tools and hosts thousands of visitors each year.

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Protecting the quality of life in this region is important to us. Where do we work?

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