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A Week at the von Arx Wildlife Hospital

Joanna Fitzgerald, Director, von Arx wildlife Hospital at Conservancy of Southwest Florida

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Tern suffers horrific fishing line injury

Three ovenbirds and a sandwich tern were among the 56 animals admitted to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida last week. Other admissions include two eastern screech owls, an osprey, a black vulture, a Florida box turtle and 12 grey squirrels.

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Conservancy Wildlife Clinic

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Watch for Gopher Tortoises under Your Car

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Take care of yourself when helping wildlife

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Cars and At-Home "Care" Difficulties

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A Volunteer efforts and caring public make a difference

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Fox kits, fledglings and a Florida softshell make for a busy week

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Fox kits, fledglings and a Florida softshell make for a busy week

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