2013 RedSnook Tournament Results

RedSnook Co-chairs Wayne Meland and Rhett Robicheaux

Anglers Reel In Record $140,000 net revenue in 2013 RedSnook Tournament for Conservancy of Southwest Florida!

Forty-six teams participated in the 2013 RedSnook Catch & Release Charity Tournament that took place November 1-3, generating a record $140,000 net revenue to support the water quality protection and gamefish research conducted by Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

Wayne A. Meland, of Morgan Stanley, sponsored the event. Meland also served as a co-chair of the event along with Rhett Robicheaux, of Naples Yacht Club.

“We are very happy with the record-breaking results this year. The amount of support from the community, the anglers and the guides is simply overwhelming,” said Conservancy President and CEO Rob Moher. 

Moher added, “I’d like to extend a special thanks to Wayne Meland, Rhett Robicheaux and the rest of the RedSnook Committee for their dedication to the event and the leadership they’ve provided throughout the planning process.”

The weekend began with a Kick-Off Party that included both silent and live auctions at Naples Yacht Club. The competition started on Saturday morning and continued again on Sunday. The event concluded with an awards ceremony on Sunday evening at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Eaton Conservation Hall, with food provided by Outback Steakhouse.

“The 20th anniversary of RedSnook was a great, record-setting success,” said Meland. “We’d like to thank all of the participants for their continued support. The water quality work and gamefish studies undertaken by the Conservancy are more important than ever to help protect our tourist-driven economy.”

Click here to see a slideshow from the Friday night Kick-Off Party and the Sunday night Awards Ceremony!

Following is a list of first, second and third place winners in each division. You can find the full score sheets for Saturday and Sunday by clicking here.

Guided Bait
  Angler A Angler B Guide Points  
1st PLACE Dave Rowe Greg Lamonakis Chris McCubbin 3500
2nd PLACE Doug Poe Matt Riley Ben Geroy 3400
3rd PLACE Les Johns Jodie Glore Chris Turner 3300


Unguided Bait
  Angler A Angler B Guide Points  
1st PLACE Troy Pruitt Doug Hanks -- 3975
2nd PLACE Ed Novinsky Jason Krishnan -- 3650
3rd PLACE West McCann Fred Weinman -- 3310

Guided Artificial
  Angler A Angler B Guide Points  
1st PLACE Kevin Johnson Chris Crossan Kevin Milhailoff 3890
2nd PLACE Keith Sullivan Andrew Dolwick Bill Faulkner 3370
3rd PLACE Mokey Shea Keith Embree Robert Walczak 2830

Unguided Artificial
  Angler A Angler B Guide Points  
1st PLACE Derek Pruitt Jeff Ball -- 3395
2nd PLACE Steph Parsons Gary Parsons -- 2435
3rd PLACE Joe Sullivan John McLean -- 2380

  Angler A Angler B Guide Points  
1st PLACE Pat Fulford Travis Fulford Ken Chambers 2595
2nd PLACE Alan Grossart Pat Blake Shadley 1580
3rd PLACE Lloyd Liggett Chuck Zundel Don McKinney 1360


Largest Snook: John Wajda - 41 inches   Largest Redfish: Rhett Robicheaux - 40 inches
Top Female Angler: Stephanie Parsons   Largest Snook: John Wajda - 41 inches


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