Protecting our water, land, wildlife and future.


The Conservancy Science and Research Department works to enhance our understanding of ecosystems and associated wildlife in Southwest Florida.

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The Conservancy Environmental Policy and Advocacy Department ensures that our local, state and federal leaders have the tools to make informed decisions.

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The Conservancy Environmental Education team at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is active with all ages. 

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Wildlife Hospital

The Wildlife Rehabilitation team works to protect and rehabilitate native wild animals and, when possible, reintroduce them to their natural habitat.

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Latest News

Fishing hook suspected in grebe injury

The grebe was found in Bonita Springs with a laceration spanning from one side of its chest to the other. A fishing hook is the suspected cause of injury. Click the image to find out what to do if you accidentally hook a bird. Read More

Three rabbits admitted after car strikes

The adult eastern cottontail was one of three adult cottontails admitted after being hit by a car. The cottontail suffered head trauma causing her head to twist to one side. See what you can do to help prevent accidents like these.  Read More

Tim Thompson - Volunteer of the Month

Tim has donated well over 1,000 hours volunteering for the Conservancy. As a Critter Courier, he's assisted in catching injured raptors and wading birds.  He also re-nests and re-units young owls and other raptors they've been displaced from their nests. Read More

Latest Photos

Photos from the Conservancy team

See photographs taken on a daily basis from around the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center. You'll also see photos from the von Arx Wildlife Hospital, the Science Department, the Education Department, and the Policy Department.