About Us

For more than 50 years, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been a leading environmental advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the water, land, wildlife  and future of our five-county area.To do that, the Conservancy uses the synergy of four teams to meet this mission.

These teams include: Science and Research, Policy and Advocacy, Environmental Education, and Wildlife Rehabilitation. 

This combination of expertise is unique to the Conservancy and enjoys a widespread reputation for excellence.

Our Mission:

To protect Southwest Florida's unique natural environment and quality of life...now and forever.

Our Vision:

We envision a region where our land, water and wildlife are protected, our citizens are informed and our leaders make decisions with the health, wellness and sustainability of our region in mind.  We seek to increase our knowledge of the natural world through continued scientific research and to increase our impact through collaboration with our partners.  We work to protect a high quality of life for both our current residents and generations to come.

Our Roots:

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida was founded in 1964 by a small group of concerned citizens fighting to protect the natural beauty of our region. Today it has grown to be one of Florida's largest and most respected environmental organizations. We have a rich history of accomplishments.  Read more about the history of the Conservancy.

Our Headquarters:

Conservancy of Southwest Florida is located at 1495 Smith Preserve Way in Naples, Florida. If you haven’t visited us in the last few years, our headquarters, Nature Center and the von Arx Wildlife Hospital are in the same location; but we have a new address and a new entrance! Now you can enter our campus from Goodlette-Frank Road and 14th Avenue North, just south of the Naples Zoo.