Magic Under the Mangroves™ began as the 40th anniversary celebration for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. In 2005, a group of concerned community leaders created the event to both celebrate and support the protection of Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life.

Under the leadership of past chairpersons Sue Dalton, Maureen Lerner, Nancy White, Jeannie Smith, Lynne Shotwell, William Boyajian, Robin Hamilton, Carol Dinardo, 2021 Chair Katrina Lundmark-Kash and 2021 Vice Chair Carol Walter, along with the Magic Committee, Magic Under the Mangroves™ has grown to be one of the top charitable events in Southwest Florida.

The 2020 Magic Under the Mangroves™ event raised more than $1.6 million net, a sizeable portion of the Conservancy annual operating budget. Since its inception, Magic has raised over $13 million.

All proceeds support the Conservancy’s mission to protect Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life…now and forever. The money funds programs that protect our water, our land, our wildlife and our future, including:


  • The Environmental Education team reaching more than 8,700 local students.

  • Interns to support efforts across the organization.
  • Saving thousands of acres of wetlands to protect water supplies and wildlife habitat.
  • Funding staff costs, which allow us to advocate for land conservation efforts in Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties.
  • Promoting best practices in the region to strengthen water quality and restore degraded marine habitats.
  • Ensuring the region has a strong and consistent voice in Tallahassee and Washington to ensure Everglades restoration addresses issues in Southwest Florida.
  • Food and medicine for the von Arx Wildlife Hospital.
  • Equipment for water quality monitoring and estuary research projects.
  • Mapping software to help plan best growth management practices.
  • Mobile electronic devices, computers and cameras for research and policy field projects.
  • Transportation for education field trips and injured wildlife.

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