Dickson Brown

August 2019

Dickson is originally from the Midwest (Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Detroit). After 37 years in NYC, he and his wife, Dee, moved to Naples in 2007 so that Dee could avoid the Northern winters. They spend much of summer and fall in Michigan and Virginia near their six grandchildren.


Dickson was fascinated by the new climate and creatures in his adopted home and began volunteering as a Clam Pass guide and completed the Florida Master Naturalist program. He has also helped with County volunteer efforts to clean up the Clam Pass area and rid it of invasive plants. In recent years, he has volunteered as a guide along the Pelican Bay Berm and write a bi-monthly articles for the local paper.

From February to April, he also volunteers with the AARP tax preparation program. Because that keeps him indoors, he enjoys even more the chance to roam about outdoors as a guide. The nature walks provide a wonderful opportunity to observe and learn about our fascinating eco-system. He looks forward to the terrific questions, observations and knowledge of the participants.

We thank Dickson for his role in protecting Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life…now and forever.

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