MARCH 2019

After a career spent as a radiologic technologist and a flight attendant, I moved to Naples in 2009 from Minneapolis Minnesota because I was ready to get out of the snow, and was excited to golf year round!

After living in Naples a few years, I joined the Conservancy as a volunteer in the von Arx Wildlife hospital. I had been involved in wildlife rehab in Minnesota and missed it very much. When moving to Naples I thought I would take a short break from the rehab world, but an injured turtle had other plans! I brought him to the wildlife hospital and Joanna checked him in. I briefly mentioned I had previous volunteer experience in wildlife rehabilitation in Minnesota and was interested in volunteering here in Naples, and the rest is history!


My most memorable time here at the Conservancy was after hurricane Irma. I showed up to the hospital a few days after Irma, and was blown away. The conditions were very difficult: no electricity, animals everywhere, no working bathrooms, and we couldn’t dump water down the sink. The staff, interns, and volunteers became very creative. I was so impressed by everyone’s hard work, and I was humbled by the community and their support. In addition to fulfilling several shifts at the wildlife hospital each week, I have been a mentor at New Beginning School, a school for at youth risk since 2011.

Thank you, Elaine, for your role in protecting Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life…now and forever.

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