Lauren McGrath

APRIL 2019

Lauren was born in Rochester, New York and moved to Niagara Falls, New York to attend Niagara University. She remained there, married and raised a son and a daughter. During this time Lauren received her Masters from University of Buffalo and became an elementary school teacher and remained as one until her retirement 10 years ago. Lauren moved to Honeoye Lake, in the Finger Lakes in New York State, shortly after that. She and her husband bought a place in Naples in 1992 and she spends 5 1/2 months here during the winter. She does miss seeing her children and 4 grand daughters and 1 grandson.

When looking for a place to volunteer Lauren was pointed in the direction of the Conservancy because of her interests in science, nature and ecology. She started working as a naturalist on the Good Fortune II and continued until two years ago. At the same time Lauren became a guide at Clam Pass and currently still volunteers there.

She also worked at the von Arx Wildlife Hospital when they had a person stationed there to explain the hospital as well as the classroom and the Pelican pond. She also became a docent at the Dalton Discovery Center and still does this.


Water now is the connection between her home up north and her home in the south. She actively supports research into red tide here and blue-green algae up north.

One of Lauren’s most vivid memories of volunteering for the Conservancy is a Clam Pass tour. She was alone, as her partner was ill and 27 people showed up. It was her second time being a guide. Luckily 15 people in the group were from Sweden and had a guide with them. He worked with her translating and explaining. Everyone made it and seemed to enjoy the tour.

Thank you, Lauren, for your role in protecting Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life…now and forever.

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