Lou grew up in New York City and spent his professional life primarily in New Jersey. He and his wife June, who is also a Conservancy volunteer moved to Naples when they retired in 2011.

In 2012, Lou began volunteering at the Dalton Discovery Center and believes it is very important in raising awareness of the environmental challenges we face in Southwest Florida. Part of Lou’s professional career involved training so he particularly enjoys engaging the public via the daily program presentations.


Lou also volunteers at the Naples Preserve which contains a visitor center that provides information about activities in Collier County. He actively participates in their education programs for both children and adults. He was instrumental in designing and developing the displays for the Preserve’s Gopher Tortoise Day and Preserving the Holiday Spirit celebrations.

After Hurricane Irma, Lou helped at the Wildlife Hospital for several days while they were short-handed and out of electricity. He recently created and presented a slideshow on Florida sea turtles for the “Endangered Species Day”. Being a Volunteer Coordinator makes Lou responsible for training new volunteers and he is encouraged by the college and high school students that are concerned with preserving the environment. He is a DDC Day Leader and has completed University of Florida Master Naturalist training.

We thank Lou for his role in protecting Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life…now and forever.

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