Sandy Goldstein

January 2020

Sandy grew up in Passaic, New Jersey, and it never occurred to her that the world of animal care was available as a career, so teaching children became the best alternative. Thus, she studied to be an elementary school teacher, with a specialty of teaching young children with learning and behavioral issues, and pursued that career happily in New Jersey and suburban New York for almost 40 years.


Sandy retired from teaching in 2006, and she and her husband moved to Naples, Fl. Sandy was pleased that retirement could finally give her the opportunity to pursue her life-long love of caring for animals, while at the same time give her a worthwhile activity in which to engage in retirement.

Sandy searched for volunteer opportunities at different facilities in the area, and was recommended to apply at the Conservancy! She pursued the recommendation and the rest is history. Sandy has been volunteering at the Wildlife Hospital ever since, working with injured or ill animals and enjoying every minute of it. When she thinks of looking into the soulful eyes of a needy pelican, learning about and admiring a broad variety of needy birds with intricate and beautiful feathers and, of course, smiling at an endearing baby possum, to name just a few, she is grateful for the opportunity to assist these critters in their time of need.

When she is not volunteering at the Wildlife Hospital or the Harry Chapin Food Bank, Sandy loves to cook, travel, play tennis, bird watch and play with her dog. Retirement has become almost a full-time job, but it so much more fun.

We thank Sandy for his role in protecting Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life…now and forever.

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