Robyn Pritchard

October 2017

Originally from Vancouver Canada, at age 9, Robyn Pritchard’s family moved to England. In 1981, she move to Naples with her parents and in 1983 she married her husband, Chris. Shortly after, she began volunteering in the Conservancy’s wildlife hospital. She says there's nothing like getting to release a rehabilitated animal back to the wild.


When she’s not hard at work at the Conservancy, Robyn enjoys gardening, toastmasters, her cats and car racing. Robyn has even officiated car races from grass roots racing to major races such as the Miami Grand Prix, Grand Prix of Tampa, 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

She’s done a bit of racing herself. Robyn said she’s often asked, “What is the fastest you’ve ever gone?” The answer: 170mph at Daytona International Speedway in a race car.

Most recently Robyn has been braving the stifling heat to help clean up the Conservancy’s nature trails that were badly damaged by Hurricane Irma. Robyn says she volunteers her time at the Conservancy because she, “deeply believes in the need to help protect the precious Florida we live in and the wildlife that we share it with, from butterflys to black bears.”


Thank you, Robyn, for your role in protecting Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and quality of life…now and forever.


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