Protecting our water, land, wildlife and future.


The Conservancy Science and Research Department works to enhance our understanding of ecosystems and associated wildlife in Southwest Florida.

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The Conservancy Environmental Policy and Advocacy Department ensures that our local, state and federal leaders have the tools to make informed decisions.

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The Conservancy Environmental Education team at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is active with all ages. 

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Wildlife Hospital

The Wildlife Rehabilitation team works to protect and rehabilitate native wild animals and, when possible, reintroduce them to their natural habitat.

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Latest News

VIDEO: Rare admission to wildlife hospital

WILDLIFE BLOG: This greater shearwater was found on Marco Island. In the past 22 years, this greater shearwater is only one of two shearwaters ever admitted to the wildlife hospital at the Conservancy. Read More

Multiple admissions due to pet attacks

WILDLIFE BLOG: This mourning dove was one of two doves admitted last week; both were victims of dog and cat attacks. The injuries the dove sustained in the dog attack were extensive. A blue jay and four bunnies were also injured in pet attacks Read More

Conservancy job openings

We have some brand new job openings here at the Conservancy Nature Center! Please take a look and apply today or send them to a friend who may be looking. Read More

Latest Photos

Photos from the Conservancy team

See photographs taken on a daily basis from around the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center. You'll also see photos from the von Arx Wildlife Hospital, the Science Department, the Education Department, and the Policy Department.