The Western Everglades – Where we are and where we are going?

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Presentation  |  February 12

Learn more from Conservancy Environmental Science Director Kathy Worley about our current progress after decades of hydrologic restoration in Picayune Strand and its positive effects on the Everglades. Then, listen to Conservancy Senior Policy Specialist Marisa Carrozzo as she talks about the future protects of the Everglades.


Kathy Worley is the Director of Environmental Science, responsible for directing and managing organizational science research programs and supervision of the Conservancy’s environmental science staff. She is a working biologist and the GIS Specialist and Quality Assurance Officer for the Conservancy. For 18 years she has led the water quality research and assessment work on behalf of the organization. She also oversees mangrove research and restoration. Her work, in part, determines the causes of mangrove die-offs in areas near new construction and assesses mangrove restoration projects for long-term success. Kathy served as the manager and quality assurance officer of various terrestrial and aquatic ecotoxicological field studies in Florida, Hawaii, Iowa and Pennsylvania that evaluated the impact of pesticides on various fauna. She has co-authored various papers, technical reports on water quality, mangrove assessment and ecotoxicological reports evaluating hazard.

Marisa Carrozzo, Senior Environmental Policy Specialist in the Policy Department, is responsible for supporting and implementing the Conservancy’s policy initiatives for water resources and conservation lands issues regionally and statewide. Marisa has been on staff with the Conservancy since 2011.

Prior to her work with the Conservancy, she spent several years working for an international customs brokerage firm. Marisa also served as a Conservation Associate in the Conservancy’s policy department after graduating from Miami University (Ohio). Marisa provides policy analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support, and agency, elected official and public outreach to promote the preservation of Southwest Florida's environment. She is a member of the Florida Chapter of the American Water Resources Association and the Conservancy’s principal representative on the Estero Bay Agency on Bay Management.

Marisa is also the project manager for the 2016 Estuaries Report Card, a comprehensive review and assessment of southwest Florida’s estuarine watersheds.

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