Florida Forever Renewal

Florida Forever is a state land conservation program established in 1999 by the State Legislature. Florida Forever is a 10 year, $3 billion program that provides funding for the preservation of natural resources in the State. Funding from the State allows counties to participate in conserving land for environmental renewal and/or recreation in their areas. As money for the program was nearing an end, well before the proposed end date, a group of environmental organizations formed a coalition to lobby for continued funding, as well as an increase in funding to assist with preservation in the wake of increased pressures to develop Florida and meet the demand for growth.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida is a member of the Florida Forever Coalition which was recently successful in efforts for the renewal of the Florida Forever. The program has now been extended through 2020 at the current rate of $300 million per year for the next ten years. For more information on the Coalition, visit the coalition website.