The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and our community of supporters have accomplished so much since 1964. But the future of our water, land and wildlife is in all of our hands.

The synergies of your support, our talented staff, scores of volunteers and combined partnerships with other great, like-minded organizations have accomplished great things since 1964 to protect our quality of life. Our wildlife is better protected. Our waters are cleaner. Wild, open spaces are replenishing our drinking waters and providing areas for families to enjoy.

Managing the past 50 years has not been an easy task. Moving forward, the challenges to protect our natural treasures will escalate. The environmental issues are becoming more numerous, more complex. So many needs are still unmet; so many challenges to our quality of life are on the horizon.

However, we know the future can be bright. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida team is up to the task. Our 50 years of experience help us understand the root causes of these challenges so we can help develop solutions. We can provide an intelligent approach to a prosperous future – balancing economic growth with conservation.

All it will take is your continued generous support and unrelenting trust in the Conservancy of Southwest Florida for the next 50 years and beyond.

Southwest Florida is in our hands, each and every one of us, to ensure we leave the next generation with clean and abundant water, wild spaces and healthy, diverse wildlife – all the things we treasure about our quality of life.

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