The future of the County is being decided now. Help put Collier County’s future on the right path.

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Now is a pivotal time in Collier County’s history. A huge area of eastern Collier County is vulnerable to intensive development. If the eastern lands are developed as currently planned, the county could add over 300,000 residents! Collier County currently has about 370,000 full-time residents.

We need your help to make sure that development is done right.

Think about it - what will multiple new towns and villages, additional mining, and thousands of sprawling 5 acre home-sites in eastern Collier County mean for our rural heritage? Our daily commute? Our drinking water? Our wildlife? Our future?

Together, we have the ability to guide the decision-making process so that future generations and our wildlife have a great place to call home.

We need your help with all of these three areas affecting rural lands in Eastern Collier County.

If your homeowner’s association would like to learn how growth in Eastern Collier County will affect your community, please click here to schedule a presentation.

From Urban to Agriculture podcast - "The Florida Panther"


potential impacts to Eastern Collier County


(Rural Lands Stewardship Area - RLSA)


(Eastern Collier Habitat Conservation Plan)


(Impacts of proposed roadway network)

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