The Conservancy of Southwest Florida Science Department works across a wide range of projects, both public and private, to support the organization’s mission to protect Southwest Florida’s water, land, wildlife and future.

Specifically, the primary objective of the Conservancy’s scientists is to conduct research to enhance our understanding of wildlife populations and the biological communities, on which they depend.

Beginning with Rookery Bay in the 1970s, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Environmental Science team has conducted research to provide a better understanding of Southwest Florida’s unique natural environment and worked to conserve natural areas for future generations. 

Over the years, the Science Department has evolved in response to the changing needs for scientific information in our area.  The Science Department specializes in providing impartial, objective research for a wide-range of programs to advance the body of knowledge necessary to develop real world solutions to conserve, manage and restore our natural resources. 

The Environmental Science team has 100 years of collective experience and expertise that provides a full range of technical skills needed for effective research. The team’s senior biologists hold advanced degrees in natural sciences and bring diverse array of expertise ranging from, sea turtles to mangroves to pythons - thus ensuring comprehensive insight into Southwest Florida's environmental challenges.


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