Prevent Additional Loss of Wetlands 

The Conservancy recommends that local, state and federal decision-makers and agencies implement and enforce existing and new policies and regulations to protect critical wetlands and flowways.  In addition, the Conservancy recommends improving the standards of review for projects impacting wetlands and wildlife habitat, and increasing protections for wetlands, such as supporting proposals like the Waters of the United States rulemaking. Read More >>>


Support Hydrologic Restoration

The Conservancy recommends that decision-makers prioritize hydrologic restoration projects for funding and seek collaborative partnerships in order to achieve restoration to support southwest Florida’s water quality, wildlife habitat, quality of life and economic viability. Read more >>>


Restore Water Quality

To adequately protect and restore water quality the Conservancy recommends effective source control to treat water on-site, protective and enforceable water quality standards, protective local stormwater and fertilizer ordinances, and adherence to TMDLs and implementation of BMAPs. Read more >>>


Update Statewide Stormwater Management Standards for New Development and Redevelopment

The Conservancy recommends the re-initiation and adoption of an updated and effective statewide stormwater treatment rule. Read more >>>


Protect Critical Environmental Lands for Water and Wildlife  

The Conservancy recommends a strong emphasis by the state’s elected leaders to fully fund state land acquisition and conservation easement programs to support landscape level conservation priorities.  The Conservancy also recommends continued support of county land acquisition programs in order to meet the specific needs of local communities.  Prioritizing the protection of natural areas will safeguard the state’s tourism-based economy and its extraordinary water and habitat resources. Read more >>>


Create Planning Tools that Direct Intensification Away from Sensitive Natural Resources

The Conservancy recommends that land use and transportation planning initiatives direct impacts away from sensitive ecological resources, while protecting agricultural lands that support important habitat needs. Read more >>>


Implement Comprehensive and Consistent Water Quality Monitoring

The Conservancy recommends that the state government and local jurisdictions prioritize funding for water quality data collection and assessment in order to identify water quality problems quickly and accurately. Read more >>>

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