It is our intent to keep all our campers safe and maintain a positive environment. Thank you for working with us to continue to make the Conservancy Summer Camp the great experience as it has been for children in our community for over 40 years!

We will not tolerate bullying, hitting or other violent behavior. Parents or guardians will be informed of inappropriate behavior and contacted to discuss corrective solutions. Camp counselors reserve the right to immediately dismiss a child from camp due to violent or abusive behavior.  If a child is asked to leave the refund policy will be as listed below.

Repeated or consistently disruptive behavior - “Three strikes” policy:

First instance – The child will receive a 15 minute time out and the parent or guardian will be notified at the end of the day.

Second instance - A parent or guardian will be asked to pick the child up and has the option to work on a corrective solution or withdraw their child from camp and receive the standard 50-percent refund.

Third instance –The child will be dismissed from remaining days of camp and a parent or guardian will be asked to pick them up immediately.  If the child is enrolled in future weeks, those registrations will also be canceled and 100-percent of camp fees for future weeks will be refunded.


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